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Badminton Exchange Students from Brunei Visited the YONEX TOKYO SHOWROOM

02 January 2019

Tokyo — As a part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ International Exchange Project, JENESYS2018, badminton exchange students from Brunei recently visited the Yonex Tokyo Showroom.

Brunei, in Southeast Asia, has deep ties with Japan and is famous for the popularity of badminton there. Thirteen students, from ages 16 through 24, who play badminton daily and are members of various club badminton teams, came to Japan to experience badminton in this country.

At the YONEX TOKYO SHOWROOM, the staff explained the history of racquet making, from wooden to graphite, as well as the manufacturing method of shuttles, including temperature grading. The students listened earnestly to the interactive explanations, actively asking the staff about the products. They also experienced the POWER CUSHION+ egg-dropping experiment, as well as foot type measurements with curious appreciation.

"I learned about racquet and shuttle manufacturing, and the explanation were so interesting and fun," one exchange student said. Yonex staff was happy to help the students better understand the manufacturing and properties of the equipment they use daily.

Yonex will continue to promote international exchange, contribution and competition promotion activities through our products and services.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Japan International Exchange Program

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