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i-EZONE Fairway Woods (Type St)

Professional level launch, control and distance

i-EZONE Fairway Woods (Type St)

The i-EZONE Type St Fairway Wood's Graphite Composite Crown reduces spin for optimum trajectory.
Body Construction:
SUS630 Stainless Steel Precision Casting
Face Construction:
455 Maraging Steel Plate
Crown Construction:
High Intensity Carbon [#3, #5]
Shaft Construction:
Golf Pride Tour Velvet (with YONEX logo)



nanometric shaft

nanometric logo

YONEX introduces its new game changer: NANOMETRIC

The whole shaft is composed from a new "NANOMETRIC" material, developed by Toray Industries, Inc. using NANOALLOYTM technology, which improves impact strength by 40%, creating a lighter yet equally strong shaft. The stronger bonding composition of carbon fibre and epoxy resin achieves a smoother, more stable swing to all golfers looking for extra distance.

nanometric shaft2

Bending Strength and Impact Strength are increased by 8% and 40% respectively while Stiffness almost remains constant.

*Tested by YONEX

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